Cape gooseberries are also known as UMAMIBERRIES.
Umami means “deliciousness” or pleasant savory flavor.
It is known as the fifth taste.
Cape gooseberries naturally contain
L-glutamate which is an amino acid present in umami.

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This cherry-sized , yellow-fleshed
intriguing berry was originally cultivated
in the Andes where they are still grown today.

The round orange fruit is loosely enclosed
in a papery husk or “cape” (resemebling
a Chinese lantern) which provides a natural
wrapper for storing the fruit, as long as
kept dry.

Imported Cape Gooseberry are
available all year round and can be
purchased with their protective husk or
as peeled bright orange/golden coloured
berries (1.5 – 2.5 cm diameter).

Often displayed next to raspberries,
blackberries, strawberries, pomegranates
and grapes, should be stored at 2-4ºC.

Great eaten fresh as a quick snack and
wonderful in pies, jams and sauces for
savoury foods. Use to decorate tarts and
cakes or dip into melted chocolate for a
unique exotic experience.

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